PhotoStyler 1.2

PhotoStyler 1.2
Mac App | 16mb | Rs,Hf

PhotoStyler allows you to make your digital photos looks real, it contains various effects that can convert your photos to the monochrome or sepia, add some scratches, draw a frame and apply some texture, add background and a shadow. This software is a simple yet powerfull tool for non-professinals who wants to make their digital picture looks interesting: like old photos of 30's, paper printed photos from magazine of 70's or maybe polaroid-like.


* PhotoStyler is made for regular users, not a professionals. It contains pre-build effects like “Scratches”, “Photo frame” or “Color of 30’s”, you can apply them and get final result instantly without learning complex tools like Photoshop.
* PhotoStyler is real-time tool, you can setup any effect and you will see result immediately in the document window.
* PhotoStyler is based on CoreImage technology and supports hardware acceleration.
* PhotoStyler stores your settings as projects. You may create projects with templates for polaroid-like photos, old scratches photos, monochrome paperprints and and then use them when you need with any photo. Project is a file, so it is easy to backup it or send it to friend.

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