Apparentsoft Imageframer v2.2.2

Apparentsoft Imageframer v2.2.2
Mac App | 70mb | Rs,Hf

* Bought a painting and not sure how to frame it?
* Like to frame your photographs and art to share on web?
* Looking for photo-realistic frames?
* Need to frame a bunch of images fast?
Whether you are a professional artist, photographer, blogger or just want your family photos to look better, you'll like ImageFramer.


* About 100 photorealistic and artistic frame designs
* Add your own frames
* Apply color effects on frames
* Add multiple mat layers, with bevels
* Optional photorealistic shadows
* Real-time on-screen width editing
* Add watermarks with ease
* Batch processing
* Create and compare multiple design variations
* Save your design for reuse
* Full documentation available
* Automatic updates
* First class support

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