Delphine Software FlashBack v1.3 Iphone Ipod Touch

Delphine Software FlashBack v1.3 Iphone Ipod Touch
Mobile Game | 7mb | Rs,Hf

Take yourself back to the early '90s in the award winning Amiga version of this cyberpunk action-adventure, originally developed by Delphine Software International. Set in the year 2142, you assume the role of Conrad B. Hart, an agent for the Galaxia Bureau of Investigation, and attempt to piece together your erased memory in order to save the world that is under threat of destruction by aliens. As a precaution, you saved your memory in a holocube and use this as an aid during your quest for identity.


Fullscreen play

New simplified and improved controls in both fullscreen and original Amiga 1:1 ratio

Beautiful fullscreen cutscenes

Improved on-screen + detailed help

7 handpainted levels


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